This Program is an opportunity to help your clients or the general public to generate additional revenue or offset the cost of our services for future purchases. 

The Offer:

We offer all referrals a 5% commission* to the referee on all of our services. Services:

Marketing Service: Content creation-blogs-posts, Social media management, Marketing Automation, SMS Marketing, Planning & Consulting, Explainer videos Creation, Website, Marketing collateral/creative design.

Sales Services: Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Sales Automation, Deal Flow Management, Product Demo, Sales Rep On-Demand, Sales Script Creation, Telesales, Customer Support* coming soon

Web Development/Landing Pages: WordPress development, E-commerce development,  Landing page creation.

SEO/SEM: Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads

OTT/CCTV TV Streaming Advertising: We provide an opportunity to Advertise your brand on CTV & OTT streaming your content to target hundreds of channels & networks and reach millions of households. With varying Geo-location and demographic targeting abilities. 

We provide: 3 Base Value Package: We Pay 5% Commission* monthly for up to 1-year continued service on the following plans

– Social OnDemand: Content Creation and Social Media Management (Starting at: $499)

– Prospect OnDemand: Dedicated Team, Content Generation, Lead Generation & Appointment Setting (Starting at: $2499)

– Client OnDemand: Dedicated Team, Content Generation, Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Deal Flow Management, Product Demos & Sales Rep. (Starting at: $4999)

Whats included in the plans

– Marketing Automation Platform, 

– Setting up free Hubspot CRM for lead generation – With Prospect or Client OnDemand

– Buyer persona training session – To breakdown the audience that you want to target to get laser-focused


GrowthDriver Technology Ventures Inc. retains the authority to modify service plan fees without prior notice. Moreover, it is typical for potential clients to have unique needs that may impact the pricing structure. We will strive to provide the Introducer/Referrer with precise information in a prompt manner and will disburse payments within 15 days of receiving full payment for services rendered or monthly plans. Our website offers referral opportunities, and referees can earn commissions by referring clients to us.

Note: In the event that lowers our service pricing in order to secure the contract, the commission paid based may be reduced based on the final mprice and projects profitability. The Introducer/Referrer will be informed of any changes to the commission amount at the time of contract signing.

On the other hand, if the Introducer/Referrer assists in closing a deal at full price, GrowthDriver Technology Ventures Inc. will provide additional commission up to a maximum of 5% for the extra sales support. To learn more about our referral services feel free to email us at


Frequently asked questions

Can I earn a commision for refering businesses to you?

Yes you can earn 5% commission for all businesses you refer to us. Plus up to an additional 5% to help close the deal.

How long does it take for me to get paid?

We make payments 15 days after the final payment of the invoice.

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